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I am REWRITING my book.

As in sit down, stare at screen, type out new book REWRITING my book.

I am so excited.

This isn't a start-from-scratch giving up, either. I sit there with a copy of my manuscript open, and I start at the top and hit Enter a few times, and then get back to the top and start writing, with the old manuscript below as reference. When I've gotten past a given thought I delete the old manuscript to bring the reference up to date. I am using the old one, essentially, as an incredibly intricate outline.

Chapter 1's already done. And I'm going to say it is fucking fantastic. To those of you who've READ chapter one, imagine that a hundred times better. To those of you who haven't, just keep in mind that my starting point was pretty good already. Now it's more juicy; it's got heart and passion and it flows in a real and powerful way. The rewrite is more engaging, more descriptive, more vibrant and alive--it devours itself before you.

I read the first two sentences to someone before they interrupted me with enthusiasm, "Holy shit!"

I am excited. I am vivified and refreshed. It's like my dreams have been electrified. This is really happening; this book is getting published. There's no way someone could reject this now.

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Query Letter: WRITTEN!

I'm not sure I like it yet. It still needs some work, but I think the framework is decent and it generates some interest in the novel. At this point I mostly need concrit; Brian's gonna help me hash it out and create something REALLY fantastic.

If anyone else wants to chime in, I've got it posted up on my book LJ here.

A different sort of letter
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No way, an update?
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wtf life e.e are you 4srs.
1) My kid sister might go to jail. She and some friends decided it would be good times to break into someone's house and steal some shit, and then turn around immediately and pawn it 'for some extra cash'. Guess whose driver's license they used to pawn it? Becca's. Guess who didn't realize catching thieves and recovering stolen property is why they ask for I.D. in the first place? That's right, Becca. Guess who's in a shitload of shit? You guessed it, Becca.

I'm hoping she gets community service. That or jail--not that I want my sister in jail, mind you, but if she gets hit with a fine? Becca doesn't have a job. She has no money. My mom will be paying that fine, and Becca gets off Scott free. So if there's a fine, as much as I'd hate to do it, I'd argue to let her get arrested for non-payment. I love her to death but she seriously needs a reality check that doesn't bounce.

2) I've been gloriously vagrant-y these past few weeks, as a lot of my online friends have probably noticed. It is not that I don't love everyone; that is quite untrue. I just have been on a writing kick lately and for some reason the free roaming and drifting about, most of my stuff in my car, has really helped me focus. Maybe it's because I can't just sit around online chatting and doing RP do the point where I stop working on my book. Maybe it's because I've been itching for a change, and though there've been a lot of changes in my life lately, not too many of them have been self-initiated. Whatever the reason, somehow, choosing to roam about sleeping where I feel like it (Mom's couch ftw, even if I was awakened quite early by Becca's incarceration) has given me a mote of control I think I was missing. I felt sort of like a victim of my own existence, an ineffectual bystander watching my own life happen; I was unhappy and stressed and didn't know why and therefore couldn't fix it.

Also, if I don't write for a long enough while, I get very cranky. Apparently this happens to all writers; I feel so legit XD

And that leads me to 3) I have been writing a metric shitton. I figured I'd go all in and try the cliche'd recommendation of writing in a real notebook. A lot of authors say it helps them focus, that it gives you more connection to the story as you write it out in your own hand. It also, for me at least, keeps me from launching into constant instantaneous revision; it forces the rough draft => revision process, rather than writing and perfecting at the same time without really knowing completely where I'm going. I've been in revision mode for years, working on my first book, and now that I'm writing my second one I need to move away from that. It's working. I'm excited.

Also, one of my coworkers, Brian, is a writer as well, and he's read the first chapter of my first book and is eager for more. He's in the submission process for his own novel like I am, so in addition to chapter exchange we're trading queries and other submissions packet materials, to give each other pointers and whatnot. My support network is growing, and is resilient and encouraging; I no longer feel like my life is detracting from my writing. For the first time in a long while, things are coming together to push me forward rather than divert me or hold me back. At home, at the coffee shops and 24-hour diners where I plunk down my weary ass, and now even at work, I'm getting eager questions and enthusiastic responses; this is building, leading to a great culmination that will lead me into the publishing world and, ultimately, I believe, take me from a college graduate with a useless BA and a dead-end job into the realm of possibility I've always dreamed of--I'm going to be a writer, and make my living off the written word.

ATTN: STEPH! I'm so sorry, darling. I volunteered to beta your pieces before submission and I think my dust-in-the-wind-iness made me miss that mark. I'm glad you had others to bounce off of also. I'll still read the works, and soon--I just need to type up the scene I've scribed into my handy-dandy notebook so I don't feel like I'm leaving it unfinished, but I'm sorry my feedback will come too late. Also? We should exchange phone numbers or something; I have unlimited texting and can do email from my phone, so we can stay in better contact even when I'm not online as much.

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blah blah blah - Aladdin
So I've been working on my book a lot lately :o Book One's been posted for a while now; I'm still waiting to hear back from a publisher, but I've been working on Book Two and I just posted what I've got so far of the revised scenes \o/ So yay. Anyone who's read the first book should totally give me feedback on the latest wtfery I've injected into the story >>; I'm a little on the fence about some of the stuff I just pulled out of my ass...

Also, if anyone's any good at Photoshop and has the time to remake my shitty MSPaint map into something a little more impressive, let me know :x I just...chronically suck at Photoshop >/

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What was the #1 song the day you were born? Google the date and #1 song and then post your #1 song on your LJ - preferably with a Youtube vid if you can find one!

I love this song. XD *cheeseball*

Our Story
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This is an edited compilation of a few conversations I've had with people about my experiences with Mia. I sort of dropped off the face of the earth and some friends I'd thought were siding against me more...didn't ever get to hear my side. I want to archive it; if you know the story it's not really necessary to read it XD No update here, sorry. But please no wank? That'd be nice. 8D;
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Tabletop Game Engine
EDIT: I nixed this here since I moved all the game stuff to its own website. Check here for the engine info. ♥!

Anon. Love
pain is inevitable
Some of you may know this already, but I have a tendency to spout off rather impromptu and detailed compliments and love for people. After some debate and discussion, I've set up a 'love' tag on my LJ, so when the urge strikes me to love on someone who isn't online, I can still write it out and be rather assured they'll see it (since most people check their flist more than I do *fail fail fail*).

This also opens up the possibility of Anon. Love--which is, no, not love for anons and their frequent wanky wankfests, but love that goes out to an undisclosed person. I've done things kind of like this before, where I just post random compliments/complaints all together and they all refer to different people, but...apparently I have a tendency to officialize everything I do, so.

These are all directed at specific people. Word on the street is, I'm pretty damn specific about my compliments--everyone should probably be able to guess which ones are theirs. They're a bit shorter than my usual fare, but it's hard to pontificate without disclosure, so. ...I end a lot of sentences with 'so'.

Also! I couldn't get to everybody on this, so here are the folks who are loved on in this post: CAKES, CALLIE, CA'TE, KORII, SEREY, SAKKI, and STEPH. Nini, you are getting your own post just for you <3 Don't think you are forgotten!

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